Day 14 - Oct 24, 2007

I was planning on using the drill/wedge/feather combo to widen the opening a bit because my chain-of-buckets is getting tripped up at the ledge at the opening. Then I noticed there is a rock that looks like it could come out.

Sure enough, it can come out.

Now my chain-of-buckets should not have trouble.

This is looking inside the drain after running the water yesterday.

Can see a tiny stream bed just left of center that is going away and then curves left.

This is a crop of the same area from a picture on Day11. When I was using water on Day12 I washed a bunch of dirt into the drain. I had hoped that it would wash on through, but it has filled this up by 5 inches in places. Another interesting thing is that several of the balls from day11 are not visible. They may have washed on from here, but they could also be burried in the dirt that washed in here.

This is the view with some more stuff tossed in to help with perception of scale. I filled these bottles half full of water to help get an idea what level is in these pictures.

Tried a candle near the opening but did not see any air flow.

Even the smoke is not really moving in any consistant direction.
So it is not easy to get a picture of any next chamber, and there may not be any next chamber.

I will probably focus on cleaning out the first chamber. There is very little room still, so it is not easy to get to the drain or remove dirt and rocks from there. Also it is kind of working near the bottom of a pile of rocks, not the safest place to be digging. So I plan to dig from the top of the cave coming down for awhile.