Day 12 - Oct 22, 2007

I dug 5 cement buckets of dirt. Then I washed the rocks by dumping a 5 gallon bucket of water on them several times. Then I could remove some rocks and wash again.

Most of my digging was to the left of the existing drain since it seems the water goes left after going through the drain. I got a small opening that water would go through on the right side toward the existing drain.

This is a zoomed in view of the drain. Note the root on the left side, it shows up in the foreground in the following pictures where I put the camera in the drain and look left.

I put the camera into the drain and look left to try to see where I got through or where water goes on from here.

At first this was very exciting to me. This is much like the previous picture, but zoomed in. There is a small bit of blue in this picture. If that is a 3-inch blue ball then that far wall is big. But from the previous picture I just don't think this is that big. I found a water bottle with no cap in the cave and now think that blue is from a small blue cap, or something else very small. Part of the problem is that if that blue is 3-inches then the water went up more than a foot on the side of a wall that is at least 6 feet wide. Don't believe that. The previous picture makes it look like the wet area has about 3 inches on each side of the 3 inch ball and the water went up a couple inches. This I believe.

This is another view. Having that root close to the camera made it not focus on the further objects. That root will have to go. Also wish I had taken more pictures looking in other directions. Not clear where water goes out from here, maybe just through the dirt.