Day 11 - Oct 20, 2007

Went in to the lower back part of the cave and took some pictures. Also took out one chain of 4 buckets. This is where the water goes out of the first chamber. It used to be much smaller (see Day 5). We had some good rain and it must have washed some of the dirt down. This is around 1.5 feet wide now. There is a bunch more dirt I will have to remove. I estimate the dirt the white box is on is about 9 feet below surface level. Where the following pictures are is probably a couple feet further down.

I put the camera inside the drain and this is what it found. Those are 3 inch balls. I still have hope that if I clean out all the dirt I will be able to get into this (maybe with some rock cracking).

I tossed some dirt and tried to see if the dust would let me detect any air flow, but I did not see any.

Looking left. I think my flashlight tricked the camera into not flashing enough, but I think somewhere there to the left is where the water keeps going down. The ground is sloping down away from me and to the left.

This is looking back toward the entrance. Can see the buckets and chain. Also my rock poking rod.