Ethan Amari Cate

Ethan Amari Cate

Ethan is growing well. The first picture in the car seat is at 3 weeks old. The second is just under 2 months. The 3rd picture is at 2.5 months.

: Ethan Amari Cate was born 10:45 am on Tuesday 9/11/01. At that time he was 9.01 lbs and 21 inches. The pictures below are at 8 months pregnant and 1 day old.

The pictures below here were taken when Ethan was 5 days old.
These pictures are 1 to 2 weeks.

Dr Adams delivered Ethan. These pictures are at 1 week and then 20 days when she was leaving Anguilla.

Below here are pictures taken when Ethan's grandma and grandpa Cate visited from California. Also is grandma Milly. Ethan was 2 to 4 weeks old and most of the pictures were taken at a photo studio at 3 weeks old.

Below are pictures taken on Thanksgiving day when Ethan was 2.5 months old and 16 lbs 9 oz (about like a large turkey).