Anguilla Cates June 2004

Ethan after his haircut

Whole family

Teryn is able to stand for short periods. His walking record is 15 steps.

Teryn on trip to St Thomas

Teryn again in St Thomas

Ethan before his haircut

Tent for the backhoe about the size of our house. Cars have to rough it outside.

Close up of Daddy's new toy backhoe. We call it "Faith", since Faith can move mountains.

Area where house will go sometime soon.

New driveway will go from the house through closer rocks then do a U-turn around where that gravel pile is and head away from the camera.

First section of new road so far. Basically there are 4 straight sections of about 50 feet each. Next section goes slightly to the right from the first section.

Second section. After this the road goes left.

Third section is just getting started.

This is the opening to our cave. We don't know how big this cave really is as there is a bunch of dirt inside near the opening. I have dug out a backhoe loader full (by hand from the cave to the loader) and it seems like there will be some room there once it is cleaned out.