Possibly Related (more so near the top)

  1. In 1997 I showed 2 different caves to some people. In the last picture I am second from the right.
  2. Wikipedia on cave digging
  3. There is a article about caves in Anguilla (thanks to Mark on cavediggers Yahoo group for this link). I am in Shoal Bay between "The Fountain" and "Big Spring" caves, closer to the Fountain. I am further from the ocean and higher than either of these.
  4. The virginiacaves.org/tech-2.html page has info on how to dig out caves.
  5. wedge and feathers also called wedge and shim sets and a good picture on a German site that sells them
  6. A cavediffers issue has article on dangers for Micro-Shavers and also Bull Pins to wedge rock open
  7. At onrope1.com they have an $80 microshaving kit
  8. You can get 5 kg of betonamit powder for $52.90 -- or 20 Kg of Dexpan for $99 on Amazon
  9. There is a micro-blaster system for remote micro shaving - very safe
  10. Notes on how to use hilti caps and also here
  11. Amazon sells red strip loads
  12. Amazon sells the Hilti loads
  13. Amazon sells Bosch 11224VSR 7/8" SDS Rotary Hammer for $202
  14. chemistry of limestone
  15. VideoRay Explorer Robot Camera
  16. miniequipment.com How big boys dig mines.
  17. ironplanet.com Always love these toys.