Day 5 - Oct 10, 2007

I checked to be sure, but I really can not fit in yet. So I had my friend Philip, who is smaller than I am, try and he could make it. So he went in and took some pictures. Turns out there is just one chamber, maybe 10 feet by 20 feet. And where the water leaves is through a small hole. I may be able to eventually dig this bigger, but there is no easy way to go on at this time. There is lots of loose rock piled up which I plan to remove. Removed a bit after these pictures were taken. I attached some heavy rubber buckets (we call them cement buckets as everyone uses them when making cement) to a big chain with some locking carabiners. I then filled up the buckets with rocks and had the backhoe pull them out. Seems to work.

The low parts around the edges have dirt. Notice the red and blue 3-inch balls.

Lots of rock everywhere.

This is looking back toward the entrance. My leg is just above the yellow square and my hand is just below the top bit of light from outside.

Also looking back toward the entrance.

This is where the water exits this chamber. About the size of a 3-inch ball. Will take some digging to see if I can uncover a passage to another chamber big enough to fit through, or that can be enlarged enough.
Several pictures of the room.

Here is Philip getting out.

He made it ok, though a bit dirty.