Day 13 - Oct 23, 2007

I used the backhoe to clear out a space to the South of the cave so I could park the backhoe there. This way I can have both the SUV and the backhoe by the cave at the same time.

I tried out my regular drill on some rock and was surprised at how well it works. Seems about as fast as my hammer drill was.

Tried out the wedge/fether sets. Breaks rock easily. Both the drill and the wedge/feather test was on a rock that stuck up into the road going to the cave.

I moved the hose so that it was using a small 1,000 gallon cistern at the top of our property. This collects water from our Gazebo but is never used much. Then I ran about 1/3 of this water into the drain (about 2 hours). I hope that tomorrow when I put a camera in there it will be very obvious where the water goes from there.