Day 1 - Oct 6, 2007

The cave opening is around 1 foot by 3 feet. I took the first pictures with the camera inside a dry bag, but they are not as clear so I gave that up.

To the left of the cave there is a crack for 20 feet or so.

The rock hanging out over the opening of the cave has a crack in it.

So I remove that rock. I have a backhoe so this was easy. This makes it easier to get in and out of the cave. I also remove, by hand, enough dirt and rocks from just inside so that I can move around a bit inside.

The first chamber goes down maybe 6 or 8 feet but is only a foot high or so. Balls are about 3 inch balls from my kids ballpit.

As we come into the first chamber there is an opening going left. So far it is too small for a big guy like me to get through (even if I remove the leaves and loose dirt), but I can stick a camera inside. Opening this will be the first project.

Get a little closer and we can see there is another chamber.

This is the top left part of chamber 2. The furthest part is maybe 15 feet.

Chamber 2 has maybe 2 foot clearance most places. Maybe 8 feet wide. I tossed some balls toward the back and could hear them keep on bouncing after they are out of sight. The back right keeps going down. This is a real cave!