Jun 2, 2009

Teryn. Also made a couple of videos of Teryn.



The little side tunnel under the big rock.

Going down on the left. This is in line with the main crack in the cave.

The foam square is 1 foot. I have cut back the big rock some. Side tunnel is on the lower right.

The top of the big rock is going back and down. I now think this will connect to the side tunnel under the rock. So I think there is just a little loop around the rock and not something really going someplace.

Can see jackhammer marks in the big rock.

So the new plan is not to worry about the big rock or side tunnel for now and just keep digging on the left along the main direction of the cave. I think the water was going down along the top of the big rock and back through the side tunnel and then left.

This is so far going down very easily. Just the soft dirt with no rocks. I think I will be able to dig out a next little room in that direction.

This shows the top of the big rock with the side tunnel below.

There is still a lot of dirt and rock to remove between the side tunnel and the low spot on the left. This will make a nice place to dig the low spot from.