May 17, 2008

Kids in the cave

With the cave lighting system on the camera has trouble taking pictures.

But with the lights off the camera works just fine. Ethan is still holding the cord for the other light.

Now we are trying just the small yellow light and that is ok.

Plugged in the big light again and sure enough, trouble.

Both lights off.

Now getting to work.

It is hard to dig in the rocks in the dark.

Small light on again. We should take this ball back to the house. The blue ball and the red ball are the same size so you can get some idea how much further away the blue is.

You fill these all the way up Dad?

This is a full length hoe pushed backward into the dirt to probe how much further the dirt goes. It keeps going for awhile. Post hole digger is another nice way to see if dirt keeps going for a bit.

Dad has suggested that digging in the dirt on the left will be easier than the rocks on the right.

Now we are making good progress.

I was amazed that both kids came out clean except for a little dirt on their hands. I have to crawl, use my elbows, sit on my butt and always all end up covered with dirt. My boys stayed on their feet the whole time.