Mar 12, 2008

Artifacts Found

The top right are pottery pieces. The top left bottle is around 3 inches in diameter, looks like wine bottle size and shape. The lower right bottle has a sort of bubbly surface and was clearly very big. The pieces that are taped together are from something large. The lower left is thiner and does not have the surface texture of the lower right pieces. The piece in the middle and also the piece in the next picture seem to come from different places than all the rest.

This piece is very thick!

There are wavy lines running up and down the bottle (top left in original image).

The texture of the lower right bottle.

I have found a web page for figuring out how old glass bottles are. Only problem is that I only have pieces of bottles, so some things are hard to do. The bottom left bottle could be modern, but the glass pieces from the other 4 bottles seem old.