Mar 9, 2008

Governor's Cave

The entrance is sort of hidden behind some rocks.

My 6 year old boy, Ethan, is not sure he wants to go into a cave with bats.

After Daddy and baby Amoni have gone ahead the other two boys come on in.

There is a tree in this cave.

Mom and the boys.

Dad and the boys.

Dad, some years ago, is second from the right.

Big roots go long distances above the ground.

Roots going over an edge down further into the cave.

Some names on the walls.

This cave was dug out to get the bat droppings. So everything is really wide open inside.

The trail goes near the opening the tree grows out of. So you can look down into the cave.

This is where the trail starts. Just off a new road to the North-East of the governor's house.

When the new road went in it kind of hid the trail, so we cut some bush and moved some rocks and dirt to make it clearer.