Mar 5, 2008

Cave Tram Near Back

I dug down a bit and put in a board to prop up the cable some. Now the tram goes to near the back of the cave.

It was really getting dusty in the cave.

So I hosed things down.

Widened this a bit so cave tram passes without bumping.

I put a wire mesh over the backhoe bucket so I can sift dirt into it. Then I can take it someplace in the yard where I need some good dirt. On this rocky island dirt is precious. So far I have just found some broken glass and small bones.

I just got a big "SDS MAX" type drill. This drill is 14 amps and really has a lot of power. It can drill holes up to 2 inches in diameter. It also works well as a small jackhammer.

Now I have two dills. The smaller one is an "SDS" type which I have had since early in this project. This is a good drill also.

The two smaller drill bits fit the smaller drill. The middle bit is 3/4 inch diameter.

The floor tiles in the background are 1 foot on a side.

Neighbor has two big caves

My neighbor is building a house but not usually around when I go to my cave late in the day. Yesterday he had not left yet and so we talked at the fence. I explained that I was digging out my cave and how my cave tram worked. I asked if the cave ended up going under his property if that was ok. He said that was no trouble to him. He also told me about two big caves on his property and took me to one. The one was a good sized dome room (maybe 25 feet high and somewhat wider than that) and the opening was in the top center of the dome. My camera batteries were dead when I tried to take a picture, will have to go back sometime. He said he explored this cave as a kid and it heads toward my property. This opening is probably 200 to 300 feet away from my cave. My cave entrance is a low spot for at least 40 feet in all directions and much further to South and West, but a bit further East and the surface of the land slopes gradually down toward the cave he showed me. It seems encouraging to know there are other caves nearby. My cave might connect to them.