Dec 11, 2007

Ethan goes inside cave

Ethan is my 6 year old boy. The rock he is standing on has a hole drilled in it and a rope through that. It was too heavy for me to pull out by hand but my backhoe was able to pull it. The foam square is 1 foot on a side. Just after this picture was taken the backhoe moved that rock further out of the way.

Ethan just inside the entrance.

The ledge on the left is my tool shelf. The baby wipes box with the towel is for holding the camera. New pair of gloves with very little dirt so far.

This cave looks bigger on Ethan than it does on me.

Ethan is down near the drain. I have removed the rocks that could easily have rolled down if some dirt was removed.

He is cleaning up some of the trash in the cave.

Now that most of the loose rocks are removed, I will soon start on the drain area. I just washed these pants and after only a few minutes look at them.

There is sort of a level dirt area and then on the far side it drops almost 2 feet.