Dec 1, 2007

Opening up a bit inside

Looking back toward exit. Broke some rock on the floor to make it easier to pass. It occured to me today (12/7) that with a 110 volt power cord in this cave I could have a real light here. Plan to do that.

This picture is the area just left of the previous picture. I put some of the broken rocks over here then took most out on 12/07. The smaller rocks I put into the buckets. The buckets have some elastic cord to help keep the rocks in. I drilled a hole in each of the large rocks and tied a different rope to each one. When I get out of the cave I pull the ropes one by one. Worked well.

Broke a piece off this rock then rolled it into the corner out of the way. My wife named it "fish head rock" (mouth on right cut part of head to left).

This is looking down toward the drain at about a 45 degree angle. The darkest part is the drain. It is not safe to dig out the drain till these rocks on the right are removed.

Another view of the rocks that must go. Camera was tilted so the rocks look level but really the left is much lower than right.

Looking at drain area. Dirt has moved around a bit since last time.

Zoomed in view of drain.