Offshore Information Services in the News

The New York Times, Feb 2020 Tropical Breezes, Pristine Beaches and a Domain Name to Die For

The standard has an article that mentions Vince Cate.

The president of Offshore Information Services, Vince Cate went to Barbados to renounce his US citizenship or here.

Offshore Information Services contributed an article to Offshore Outlook.

The cover story of the Sept 8, 1997 Forbes has a half page side-bar about OIS. Anguilla is also mentioned as the location of C2's offshore corporation, and also as the location of the conference OIS hosted in February.

Wired's July issue had an article " Plotting Away in Margaritaville" about Vincent Cate and the Financial Cryptography 97 conference. old link

NHK TV program "Crypto Wars" includes a bit on Vince Cate and Offshore Information Services Ltd.

The Financial Times also published an article about the Financial Cryptography Conference.

Not long after this the February 14 issue of EFF mentioned OIS.

The New York Times published an article about the Financial Cryptography Conference that Offshore Information Services hosted in Anguilla.

CNN mentioned our ITAR page in a segment about encryption and government regulation.

YaaHoo Magazine published an article that came out on Aug 5th, 1996. They had my domain as and not

The May 14, 1996 Netly News article "The Death Of Taxes?".

There is an article about us in Microtimes on April 29, 1996, page 212.

Wired mentioned us Wired - May 1996, Page 40.

Shortly after the CDA passed we issued a press release about our services.