New Internet Privacy Provider

PRESS RELEASE: 2/8/96 Anguilla, Offshore Information Services Ltd.

As a result of recent efforts to censor the Internet in France, Germany, China, and now the USA, Offshore Information Services Ltd. (OIS) anticipates a larger market for privacy services over the Internet. OIS is well suited to provide such service since it is located in Anguilla, a taxhaven in the Caribbean with strict secrecy laws. OIS is now entering this market.

OIS makes it easy for users to setup an online identity offshore. Setting up an offshore email identity can be as easy as changing the POP server name, user name, and password in their mail program. Using this new identity they can again have free-speech on the Internet.

If users choose, they can login to a machine in Anguilla using ssh so that their communication over the Internet is encrypted.

Users can also maintain web pages offshore almost as easily as if they were onshore.

Anguilla has no restrictions on publications about dead presidents of France, or information about birth control, etc.

The OIS web page is